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Post  ShariBlackVelvet on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:55 am

Hey, I'm Shari from Black Velvet Mag. Thought I'd join the forum... Some of you may have heard of Black Velvet or may know me... (and maybe some of you haven't). I see lots of you like other bands that I like and feature in Black Velvet such as Madina Lake. My contributor has interviewed Young Guns in the latest issue of Black Velvet which is out now and I've seen them a bunch of times - including at Download, supporting Bon Jovi, supporting Lostprophets & at Birmingham Artsfest.

You can find out more info on Black Velvet (and me) at

Follow me on Twitter at @blackvelvetmag or add me on facebook at

A few small Young Guns pix are at and there are a few more on my Artsfest page -


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